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5 Questions with Terry Spear + Giveaway

A Howl for a Highlander is your latest release; can you tell us a little about it?
TS: In Heart of the Highland Wolf, a wolf had stolen the packs’ savings, and the issue wasn’t resolved. So in A Howl for a Highlander, Duncan goes after the man on Grand Cayman Island. I visited there, did all the stuff that he did—swimming with the rays, went on a sunset dinner cruise, ate at the restaurant he did, swam in the ocean, walked the plank of the pirate ship and swam in its shadow. I kept thinking how much fun it would be to take a wolf out of its element—a Highland wolf—and set him on an island where he has no interest in enjoying the surf and sand, of sailing out across the Caribbean blue-green waters to see a sunset, to feed stingrays? Not him. Until he sees a lone she-wolf at the airport arriving about the same time he does. He’s a warrior at heart, and he’s instantly interested in protecting her. Even if she doesn’t need his protection.

It is known (especially among us readers) that you have a great love for wolves, how did this come about? Has it been a lifelong love?
TS: It has. Ever since I read Jack London’s White Fang and Call of the Wild. In one of the stories, it showed the last surviving male pup, his father killed and his mother hunting for food. He was off exploring on his own, his own point of view, and even way back then as a kid, I was thinking of how it would be to be an animal that was family oriented, pack oriented, that deserved to live on this green earth as much as hunters did. I read a wonderful true account of an Indian boy from one tribe, rescuing a pup from a flooded den, the mother and father unable to reach the pup, the rest having drowned. The boy took care of it, hunted with it, but couldn’t bring the wolf into the camp because the elders feared it. Yet when he was stealing horses from another tribe, the wolf warned him and helped him to safety. And he had done this on a number of different occasions. Eventually, the wolf took off to find a mate. He’d returned to his human companion, and then finally one day he stood on top of a hill with another wolf, his mate. She didn’t get near the boy, but the male did. Then he took off and that was the last the Indian boy saw of him. It had a happily ever after. The boy had saved the wolf. The wolf had returned the favor, countless times. And then as stories need to end, the wolf found his mate, had pups, his own family, pack, and a happily ever after.

In much of the fiction concerning wolves, they’re seen as man-eating predators, which they’re not. Cougars, bears, tigers, and lions kill people. Wolves just don’t. Yet they’re still portrayed as a pack hunting humans. Often in my stories, I want to give the “underdog” a happily ever after. Jaguars are one of the big cats that don’t stalk and kill humans. So for the two shape shifters I write about, they are hunted by humans in the real world and because of that become the underdog. They also deserve to have an existence and a happily ever after.

If you could cast any actor as Duncan MacNeill who would it be?
TS: Gerard Butler. And Sean Connery could have a part too. As an older wolf in the pack. :-)

Which books are you looking forward to in 2013?
TS: I still have a huge stack of books to read from the Romance Writers of America National Conference, which was this past July!! So I’m looking forward to reading them when I’m not on deadline. Which is nearly always. But some nights I reward myself and curl up with a good book. :-)

If you can, tell us what is up next for you.
TS: Currently, I’m working on Silence of the Wolf, Tom’s story of the “Silver boys”—as they’re affectionately called—from Destiny of the Wolf. Jake’s story was Dreaming of the Wolf. Carol’s was Wolf Fever. So now it’s time to have Tom’s story. I’ll also be working on Jaguar book 3, which will be Wade’s brother, David’s story. And I have another Highlander wolf book to write.

But I’m really excited to have four books out in 2013—A Howl for a Highlander (out next week!), A Highland Wolf Wedding, Cearnach’s story—a trip to a wedding, not his own, turns into so much more (May 2013); Jaguar Fever, Maya’s turn to have a HEA (August 2013), and Wade comes back for more; and A SEAL Wolf Christmas, where the SEALs reunite for a mission and Anna and Bjornolf do a whole lot more than sparring on a hotel bed where he tied her up with her own pantyhose in A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing (October 2013)! And then? I’ve got to pitch some more books! 

Thanks so much for having me, Anna! Good luck to everyone who comments! 


A Highland Wolf on a Mission...
Duncan MacNeill is hell-bent on catching the thief who's stolen the clan's fortune and run off to Grand Cayman Island. Duncan has rarely left his homeland and he couldn't care less about an island paradise. He never expected to find a beautiful distraction who will show him just how appealing paradise can be...

Meets a Dangerous Distraction...
Lone wolf and botanist Shelley Campbell headed to the island to study the old growth forests. She didn't count on meeting a handsome Highlander who can't keep his paws off her.

Praise for Terry Spear:
"Intense and swoon-inducing...The chemistry is steamy."—USA Today Happy Ever After
"Fascinating characters and an exciting, action packed plot."—RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars
"Intriguing...The queen of werewolf drama Terry Spear provides a powerful take of love and war."—Midwest Book Review
"Highlanders and werewolves. Be still my heart!"—The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

Bestselling and award-winning author Terry Spear has written a couple of dozen paranormal romance novels and two medieval Highland historical romances. Her first werewolf romance, Heart of the Wolf, was named a 2008 Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year, and her subsequent titles have garnered high praise and hit the USA Today bestseller list. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry lives in Crawford, Texas, where she is working on her next werewolf romance and continuing her new series about shapeshifting jaguars. For more information, please visit www.terryspear.com, or follow her on Twitter, @TerrySpear. She is also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/terry.spear .

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Thanks to Sourcebooks I have a Terry Spear Prize Pack to giveaway to one lucky winner. The prize pack includes: Heart of the Highlander, A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing and Wolf Fever. To enter leave a comment along with your email address. Open to U.S. & Canada. The winner will be announced on February 7th. Good Luck!

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  1. I absolutely love the books that Terry writes! I have become addicted to the series she's staring to write. Positively delightful! moonroses03@yahoo.com

  2. Ah, thanks so much, Angelic! I'm sooo thrilled you've become part of the wolf pack. You are well loved! :)

  3. Can't wait to read this years books. What more can a girl want then these for books. Oh! Paul's book!
    Thanks Terry for all the enjoyment your booms give me.

  4. LOL, thanks so much, Loretta!!! You do know that Paul is on the auction block, right? And you're going to have to offer lots of cash to buy him. Cuz there are going to be lots of ladies wanting his services for the weekend! :) lol

  5. Great interview. Terry's books sound amazing. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  6. Thanks, Crystal, hope you love them. :)

  7. The only block that SEAL is on..... block or other wise would be ME! I'm.an.ALPHA I don't share well. LOL Now he is in the wolf house and its hump eve he's going to need to.work REALLY HARD to get out,

  8. Thank you! I love the calendar on your site. The eyes on the left with that beautiful white wolf below -gorgeous!

  9. I love this series..I got my mother hooked on them too! we both just love werewolves! ;)


  10. LOL, Loretta! Too funny!!!

    I loved it to, Victoria!!! :) He is.

    Thanks so much, Froggy!!! I love it when families join the wolf pack!!! :)

    1. I didn't think what you said was to funny. But thanks for putting him the wolf house. I'm going to have a very fun day. O:)

  11. This sounds like a great book. Love the cover :)

  12. I've loved this series since the beginning!!!

    diane dot sadler at gmail dot com

  13. Have not read these yet shamelessly but they look fantastic!

    lilypondreads at gmail dot com

  14. Loretta, I agree. He shouldn't have gotten bent out of shape about it. As a SEAL wolf, Paul needs to get over it. LOL :)

    Elaing, thanks!

    Thanks so much, Diane! I'm thrilled you're loving it! :)

  15. Sounds fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing and for the fabulous giveaway :)


  16. i can't wait to read these! Thanks for the chance.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  17. You're welcome, Martha, remember to send me your address for your Casablanca win! :)

  18. I do like her books.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  19. Thanks, Maureen! I'm glad you're enjoying them! Hope you love Duncan's story!

  20. I am very excited to read this one! Although i have to admit I am the most excited about the SEAL Wolf Christmas and Silence of the Wolf. Too bad I have to wait almost a year :(


  21. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing!!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  22. A Howl for a Highlander sounds like another fantastic werewolf story and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  23. Enjoyed the interview and look forward to reading Howl for a Highlander.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  24. I have absolutely loved Terry's books!!! Got my sisters hooked too:) Just can't get enough of those wolves:)


  25. This sounds like a fantastic series...I love shifter stories! Thanks for the great interview and giveaway chance!
    ivegotmail8889 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  26. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for stopping by to chat with everyone! It was a pleasure taking part in the blog hop. :)

  27. Terry thanks for another great and informative post.I love Highlanders no matter what shape they take but Wolf sounds more appealing. :) Love your Wolves/Highlanders and can't wait for Duncan's story. I've loved this tour. Thanks again for the chance,.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  28. Ah, thanks, everyone!!! I wake up to all these wonderful comments, and have to say what a wonderful way to wake up! (I'm in deadline hell on 3 books...so believe me when I say these are welcome comments!!!) It reminds me why I'm writing!!!

    Samantha-thanks! Yes, with the first, SEAL Wolf Christmas, it's 9 months, like waiting to deliver a baby. LOL

    Thanks, Donna!

    Barbara, you'll have to let me know what you think of with Duncan and his first Speedo...

    Thanks, JMC!

    Thanks, Yadkny!!! See, it's a wolf pack kind of thing....I think that is so neat!!! How many sisters do you have?

    PC, thanks so much, hope you have a chance to check them out!

    Anna, thanks, it's been fun!! And did you know you're in that hunky A SEAL Wolf Christmas with Bjornolf? Undercover operative...hmmm

    Carol, thanks so much!!! I'm thrilled you're loving them. A couple of readers picked it up because they thought it was a straight Highland book...and fell in love with the contemporary Highland wolf story anyway. I think that's why they changed the next one to A Highlander WEREWOLF Wedding. LOL :)

    Thanks, ladies! Off to edits!

  29. Terry,

    No, I didn't know that. LOL! Can't wait to check it out. :)

  30. I would love to read these books. They sound very good. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

  31. I love werewolves and the cover. I can't wait to read this one. Thanks for the chance.


  32. What an awesome contest! Thank you! I love the paranormal element!

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  33. Thanks, Vanessa! Hope you love it!!

    Carrie, me too!!!



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