Monday, March 17, 2014

Spotlight: Laurence and the Riders by Sloan Archer

Laurence and the Riders
By Sloan Archer

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Set in San Francisco during the early 1970's Laurence and the Riders delves into the life of Laurence Clarke, a college student forced into working for a notorious motorcycle gang, the Never Enders, after witnessing their leader commit murder. Maintaining a Dewhurst scholarship and fulfilling unlawful duties proves to be a struggle for Laurence, but such problems are minuscule compared to the truth he unearths about his cagey employers: Never Enders are Paxios, a mutated race of immortal humans created by a thirteenth century alchemy mishap. They are also cannibals...And most of them don't take kindly to Laurence's clubhouse intrusions. Complicating life further is the object of Laurence's infatuation, Jolene, daughter to the most powerful Ender in San Francisco and the one girl Laurence has been forbidden to pursue.

Tempted by the money and respect an affiliation with the Enders provides, Laurence soon strays to the dark side. But will he be lost...Forever?

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About the Author
Sloan Archer resides in Los Angeles. She has been penning fiction since childhood; her first works were dark short stories inspired by howling coyotes on her family's farm, penned at the ripe age of nine. When Sloan isn't writing novels, she enjoys travel, painting and live music.

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