Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Series I've Quit

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each Tuesday features a different topic and you post your top ten list related to the topic.

This weeks topic is Top Ten Book Series I've Quit.

1. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • I read books 1-21. I've probably stuck with this longer than most who have quit. I really loved this series, but the number of sexual partners Anita has accumulate has just gotten ridiculous. I just lost interest in continuing.
2. Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh
  • I know, I know this is a pretty popular series. I read the prequel and the first two novels. Even though the male characters where yummy, I just really couldn't get into the series. Though  I do love her Singh's Psy/Changeling series.
3. Undead by MaryJanice Davidson
  • I've read books 1-11 of this series. I especially love the early books. I stopped this one because I didn't care for the way the story line was going
4. Vampire Kisses by Elle Schreiber
  • I read books 1-7. This is a cute series about a goth girl and her vampire boyfriend. I just haven't went back to it. Distracted by other books.
5. Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day
  • I read the first two books in this series. I really enjoyed both books. But there was a bit of a gap between books two and three, I just never went to pick the series back up.
6. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
  • I loved book one, Hush, Hush. But be the end of book two I just lost interest in reading anymore.
7. Maximum Ride by James Patterson
  • I've read 1-8 and really loved the first 4 books. But 6 & 7 in my opinion were disappointing in story and how the characters were changing. It was announced the 8th book would be the last so I stuck with it. So, last year when it was announced there was gonna be a book 9, but was a bit pissed.  I don't plan to read it.  It sad when a favorite series takes disappointing turn.
8. Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore
  • I've read books 1-5. I loved the first book and the movie as well. But by the 5th book I kinda lost interest. With the exception of Four & Six, lost track of what number corresponded with each kid.
9. Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong
  • I read the first two books, but didn't have enough interest to continue the series. I prefer her Women of the Otherworld series much more. 
10. Blood Coven by Mari Mancusi
  • I read the first 4 books in this series. I loved books 1 & 2, but by for I lost interest and didn't continue with the series.

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  1. What a list you have. I have really enjoyed Alyssa Day's series, but I have read it in audio format. Maybe that makes a difference. I have read the first few books in the Guild Hunter series and I like it. Not as good as her other books, but entertaining.



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