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Interview with Nicky Peacock

Hi Nicky, Welcome to Anna's Book Blog! I'm glad to have you here.

To start off can you tell the readers a little about yourself? I'm an English author based in the UK and have two YA book series out through the publishers, Evernight Teen. I started my writing career in the short story market and gained over 30 publishing credits before I sold my first novel. I write horrors, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but do enjoy a good genre mash-up so tend to be open about what I write. As long as it has a sharp, dark edge to it, I'm a happy author!

Lost in Wonderland is your latest release, can you tell us a little about it? It's a YA contemporary thriller with a supernatural kick. It centers around a vigilante organization called Wonderland that tracks and kills serial killers who have escaped justice. All the agents are code-named after characters in the Alice in Wonderland book: Hatter, Rabbit, Cheshire, etc. But the story is about an agent called Mouse who had something terrible happen to her when she was a child and uses her new found Wonderland skills to unravel a family mystery.

What is your writing day like? It's usually outside of my house, somewhere like a pub or a coffee shop or, if I can, at a stately hotel that is a few minute drive from my house. It’s so regal and quite there. I go anywhere where I can get fed and watered and just concentrate on my writing without any excuse to procrastinate with. I can usually write for about three hours before I need to take a break. I'll then go for a walk or something to clear my mind, then get back in there!

When are you're not writing what kind of books do you like to read? All sorts. YA and adult books. I love horror and urban fantasy, and I am just getting into steampunk and thrillers. What I read depends on my mood. I'm also completing a Creative Writing degree so have been reading wider than my usual tastes. I've found that I enjoy a good children's book too now. Room on the Broom, Mr Stick and the Highway Rat, great reading regardless of your age!

What are three things that are "must haves" for you when you sit down to write a book? I write on an old laptop, so I need a power outlet! I also need a decent sized pot of tea and a large amount of food - preferably of the salty and sweet variety!

Lost in Wonderland is, of course, a twist on Alice in Wonderland. What is your favorite thing about the original story? It was so ahead of its time. I loved the themes of having to grow up and navigating puberty (Alice's body growing and shrinking) and how annoying and random parental figures can seem at the time (The Queen and the baby pig) I remembered liking the book when I was young, but it was only re-reading it now as an adult that I can appreciate how good it really is.

If you could give your lead character one piece of advice, what would it be? Trust other people more. I'm guilty of this myself, so probably have no right in giving this nugget of advice to anyone, but you can't go through life simply relying on yourself. It's both sad and time-consuming!

What is next for you? I'm currently working on the sequel to Lost in Wonderland, The Assassin of Oz and also the next in my Battle of the Undead series, Bad Karma. So lots of writing and hopefully some lovely food along the way too!

Thank you for having me here today. You can find me online here:

Lost in Wonderland
The Twisted and The Brave #1
By: Nicky Peacock

Out Now!

Monsters, serial killers, and imaginary friends—being a Wonderlander can be murder...

Once upon a time, Kayla was lost. Then she found Wonderland, but not the one you know. Run by ex-government agents and funded by an eccentric Silicon Valley billionaire, this Wonderland is the name of a collective of highly trained vigilantes who hunt serial killers. Now Kayla, aka Mouse, works tirelessly alongside her fellow Wonderlanders, Rabbit and Cheshire, baiting dangerous murderers. But even her extensive training hasn’t prepared her for the return of her older brother…

Shilo has spent most of his life in an insane asylum, convinced his mother was abducted by a sinister Alaskan monster who lures the lost away to feast upon their flesh. And now he’s certain that his sister is in the same monster’s crosshairs. But if Shilo is going to save what’s left of his family, he’ll have to convince his sister that maybe, just maybe, we’re all a little mad.

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