Monday, May 1, 2017

April Reading List

The Dresden Files: War Cry- Jim Butcher & Mark Powers [4/5]
Iron Fist #1- Brisson|Perkins|Troy [3/5]
Me Before You- JoJo Moyes [4/6]
American Gods #1- Gaiman|Russell|Hampton [3/5]
Angel & Faith: Vol. #4: A Little More Than Kin- Gischler|Richards|Conrad [3/5]
Batman|TMNT Adventures #3- Manning|Sommariva|Parsons|Ito [4/5]
Batman|TMNT Adventuers #4- Manning|Sommariva|Parsons|Ito [4/5]
Batman|TMNT Adventuers #5- Manning|Sommariva|Parsons|Ito [4/5]
A-Force Vol. 0: Warzone!- Wilson|Bennett|Molina [5/5]
True Believers Giant-Size X-Men #1- Wein|Cockrum|Wein [4/5]
Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty [5/5]
True Believers Wolverine: X-23 #1- Kyle|Yost|Tan|Sibal [3/5]
X-Men: Gold #1-Guggenheim|Syaf|Leisten|Martin [4/5]
X-Men '92 #5- Sims|Bowers|Hamscher|Milla [3/5]
Secret Empire #0- Spencer|Acuna|Reis|Lanham [3/4]
X-Men '92 #7- Sims|Bowers|Firmansyah|Milla [3/5]

Happy May Day!

With Free Comic Book Day coming up on May 6th, I will be having my annual Graphic Novel/Comic Books Box Giveaway on the same day. So make sure to stop by to enter the giveaway.  :)


  1. I liked American Gods a little more than you did. Will you be watching the show? Happy May!

  2. That was just the first issue of the comic book, but did love the American Gods book. I did watch the show last night and really enjoyed it. Did you watch it?



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