Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark-Hunter Contest! ***Closed***

In celebration of the release of ACHERON I will be running a Dark-Hunter Contest. It will run from July 25th-August 5th. The prize will be a box full of Dark-Hunter goodies!!! The contest will be a bit harder than the last one. But if you have read the three series and the companion, it should be pretty easy.


Not a very good picture, so The Goodies include: Acheron bumber sticker, Fantasy Lover paperback, Acheron/DH lanyard, Dark-Hunter slap bracelet, Acheron symbol pin, Jaden button, Year of Acheron button, Devil May Cry postcard, Acheron postcart(with quotes), Acheron pen, Dark-Hunter Manga mini poster, Devil May Cry paperback, Acheron Manga mini poster, Dream-Hunter bookmark, Acheron magnet, Jaden folder, Acheron tattoo, Bite Me sticker. Also included but not in the photo is: Kinley MacGregor's Master of Desire (paperback) and a Lords of Avalon bookmark.

Here is what you need to do to enter. Answer the questions below and send them to me in an email (not the comment section) at Make sure the subject line says "DARK-HUNTER CONTEST". I will take all the entries that have the correct answers and pick a winner. The winner will be announced on August 5th at midnight. Good Luck!

The Questions:

1. Where does Ash live?

2. Name the first three Dark-Hunters.

3. What is another name for a Dream-Hunter?

4. Simi's real name is?

5. What is a Blue Blood Squire?

6. Who is referred to as "The Final Fate"?

7. What are the names of Acheron's brother & sister?

8. Name the three groups that make up the Pyramid of Protection.

9. What are the 3 Were ran Safe Houses?

10. What Dark-Hunter is also an Apollite?

11. What are the two groups of Were's?

12. Who unlocked Ash's Atlantean god-powers?

13. What is Acheron's last name?



  1. This is an awesome contest, but I wish I read this series!
    There is this big party going on Wednesday night after the Literacy signing in SF where someone has their chance to win the Acheron book before it comes out. I wish I could have gotten this book from the publisher for some people but it is impossible to get just like Breaking Dawn!
    BTW, Love the new look! :D

  2. Thanks Kate! :) Yeah either of these would have been great to have early. I pre-ordered mine, but they probaly won't arrived until after the release date.

  3. Oh wow! Awesome goodies!!
    Great questions!
    See what I can do, lol.
    Thanks Anna!

  4. Great prizes and a very cool contest! I'll see what I can come up with! :)

  5. Great contest Anna! Just save yourself the trouble and give me the prizes! LOL j/k I've got my copy of Acheron preordered too. I'm getting 2 copies actually. Gotta get one for me mom too!

  6. LOL! Yeah I pre-ordered mine a while from The wait is terrible isn't it. :)

  7. uh sweet! Although i don't know the answers off-hand ( I know I know bad reader) but I got the tools to find the answers :)

    Oh and btw anna... you Rock!

  8. Thanks!!! I will jump to and do my best!!!

  9. Great contest, awesome questions!

  10. Thanks! I got four people entered so far.

  11. So excited Anna! Cant wait to see who wins!!

  12. thank you for the invite to your contest! love prizes! really love the goodies!!!!!!



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