Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And The Winner is...

Originally I was going to enter all the entries that had all the questions right. But only five people entered, so I threw all the names into a hat and picked a name. The winner is.....

Steph *Magic*


As you all know the questions in the contest can all be found in the books. I took the questions straight from The Dark-Hunter Companion. Here are the answers:

1. Where does Ash live?
~Katoteros (pg. 63)

2. Name the first three Dark-Hunters.
~Ias, Callabrax & Kyros (pg. 57, 50, 60)

3. What is another name for a Dream-Hunter?
~Oneroi (pg. 135)

4. Simi's real name is?
~Xiamara (pg. 240

5. What is a Blue Blood Squire?
~ Squires who are from a multigenerational Squire Familes (pg. 159)

6. Who is referred to as "The Final Fate"?
~Marissa Hunter (pg 261)
**I should have worded this question different. Acheron has been
quoted as saying "Just call me the Final Fate", but i was looking
for Marissa as the answer.

7. What are the names of Acheron's brother & sister?
~Styxx & Ryssa (pg. 287)

8. Name the three groups that make up the Pyramid of Protection.
~Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter & Dream-Hunter (pg. 37)

9. What are the 3 Were ran Safe Houses?
~Sanctuary, Dante's Inferno & The Serengeti Club (pg 79, 101 & 103)

10. What Dark-Hunter is also an Apollite?
~Spawn (pg. 70)

11. What are the two groups of Were's?
~Arcadians & Katagaria (pg. 81)

12. Who unlocked Ash's Atlantean god-powers?
~Simi's Mother, Xiamara (pg. 290)

13. What is Acheron's last name?
~Parthenopaeus (pg 63)

Thanks to everyone who entered and stopped by to comment! I'll be having another contest next month, so make sure you stop back in . Most of the items in the prize package can be found at Sherrilyn's book siginings and at her store Mighty Barnacle.



  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, sorry, I am so freakin happy!!!!!
    I wanted those goodies bad, lol!!!!
    Thank you so VERY much Anna!!!!
    You just made my day!!!!!!
    This, and get to read Ash. Thats
    just.....AWESOME!!!! :D

  2. LOL! Congrats and You Welcome!

    I started Acheron last night. So far its good. But of course. :D

    I'll send out the package today. :)



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