Thursday, July 10, 2008

TWILIGHT on Entertainment Weekly

I've been a religious reader of Entertainment Weekly for years, so i have a subscribtion. I can't wait to get this one in the mail box. Yuuummmy!


  1. I might have to pick that up. What month is that issue?

    I see you are redoing your blog. :)

  2. July 18th is the date on the cover. So it should come out this week.

    Yeah, I changed my layout several times over the weekend. They don't have a big selection. LOL!

  3. okay here's the only nit picky thing I have to say. BELLA is not suppose to be beautiful. Pretty yes but not movie star beautiful. That's all other than that I have nothing to pick about *pouts* I'm in a picky mood.

  4. I have a nit pick about Bella too. The Actress who is playing Bella, has a deep voice. And to me that throws me off a bit. I just don't imagine Bella with a deep voice. LOL!

  5. oh wow, I'll have to pick that up. I use to have a subscription but not anymore.



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