Saturday, July 19, 2008

Twilight Trailer

Here is a longer version of the Twilight Trailer. Enjoy! :)


  1. I really hope this is a good movie! The previews still look good!

  2. I am a bit worried about this movie. MTV who is the studio producing Twilight is well known for making bad or "eh" movies.
    Hopefully that will not be the case!

  3. Oh that isn't good to hear. Well I'm holding my hope on Stephenie really. I heard that she made a trip to the studio and she mentioned that they were taking good care of her baby. I guess the director is fan too. Trying not to get my hopes up, not after the mess that was Blood and Chocolate.

  4. good trailer... I wasn't sure if they would have the baseball scene in the movie, but from the looks of it they do.

  5. wow, that preview is

    I also wanted to add that I found your blog via your myspace. But I too just recently started my own blog. If you want to check it out.

    I'm adding you to my blog roll.

    Thanks for having such great sites!

  6. Hi Melange
    Yeah it's pretty great! Thanks I'll check out your blog and add you to my list too. :)



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