Sunday, October 5, 2008

[Review] - Lord of the Fading Lands

Title: Lord of the Fading Lands
Author: C.L. Wilson
Series: Tairen Soul
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 2007

Summary: Long ago, in the magical holocaust known as the Mage Wars, the immortal Fey and their allies fought to defeat the grasping evil of the Elden Mages and their dark-gifted supporters. During those wars, in a fit of grief-induced madness caused by the death of his mate, Fey shapeshifter Rain Tairen Soul nearly destroyed the world in a blaze of tairen fire.

Now, a thousand years later, the fierce Fey king must fight to save his race from the brink of extinction and once again stop the evil rising in the homeland of his enemies, the Eld. The key to his success lies in the mortal city of Celieria, where the Mage Wars began, and with a young woman whose soul sings to him in ways no woman’s ever has, whose presence reawakens the primal fury of the tairen within his soul, and whose vast, untapped power can either save or destroy him and his people.

Thoughts: This book sat on my shelf for quite a few months before I picked it up. I wish I would have read it sooner, cause I absolutely loved it. I was hooked by the second chapter, so much that I went out and bought the third book that just recently came out. Ms Wilson has created such a rich and unique world, that you hate to leave it at the end of the book.

Score: 5 Stars

Author Website:

Tairen Soul:
Lord of the Fading Lands
Lady of Light and Shadows
King of Sword and Sky
Queen of Song and Souls


  1. Yay! It is a wonderful book and series! You'll totally love the next two also.

  2. I bet I will too. :D I ordered book 2 the other day. Can't wait to read it.

  3. I loved this book. It was my favorite book of 2007. :)

    I have KING OF SWORD AND SKY on my nightstand.

  4. I order the second one, I'm hoping it doesn't take to long to get here.



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