Monday, December 29, 2008

Hobbies Before My Book Obsession Took Over

Sometimes it's hard to remember what I did before books became my obsession, but I did have other hobbies. Before Blogger and MySpace I was a big chatter. I could always be found in one of the Yahoo Chats. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people through Yahoo. But chatting has kinda lost its spark for me, kinda boring now. I have a few collections too that took up some of my time. I collect, Angel & Buffy Action Figures. I have nice size Pez collection, and I also collection Dragons.

Click on the graphics to see a bigger picture.

Buffy and Angel Action Figures. I started collection a few years ago. But haven't bought any recently. There's still a few out there I don't have.

This is my small Pez Army. LOL! I have been collecting them since about 1995-1996. At the time they were displayed on one of my book shelfs. But well they kept getting knocked over and of course I need the space for books. So, they got packed away. I do still have some of my favorites out.

These are the newest ones, got them for Christmas.

This was another Christmas present this year, I was very excited to get this one. Mostly because I love the Peanuts gang. This is my first Giant Pez. Not sure If I'll get anymore this size, cause I'm running out of space. :)


  1. Anna, that is so neat! I love the Pez dispensers!

    I didn't know you collected dragon stuff too. I knew you liked them. I just bought this dragon figurine and I blogged about it too. I'm really excited about getting it. With the dragon plaque you gifted me with and what I ordered will be nice little touches in my library room!

    I will have to store this bit of info for future holidays ;).

  2. Thanks! Yeah I have a small Dragon Collection. A couple wall hangings, a Beanie Baby Dragon, a Semi-big Dragon sculpture and then a few smaller dragon figurines.

  3. I love your pez army!! Super cool.

  4. PEZ! I loved Pez when I was little. I did have quite a few of the dispensers but somehow they got lost through the years.

    What great collections, Anna!!

  5. Thanks! I got most of them in the picture there. But I believe there are some more in my closet..somewhere. LOL!

  6. LOL - I've been getting my sons Pez dispensers for about 25 years now. I keep telling them that if they had saved them, the earlier ones would be worth something now. And I have a Very Small collection of my own on my desk at work. I see you have one of the two I have - Captain Jack Sparrow. I've also got Will Turner. I filled them both up and went to get one the other day - and someone emptied both of them of all the candies - and I KNOW there was still candies in them. I was ticked, though relieved that at least they left the dispensers themselves.
    And while I don't normally collect Action Figures, someone sent me an action figure of Richard Armitage aka Guy of Gisbourne and I'm VERY fond of it. I show everyone who comes over. Most of the time they laugh at me.

  7. I'm very impressed they didn't snag the dispenser too. LOL!

    I have a couple other Action Figures. A few Star Wars, He-Man, and Kiefer Sutherland's character from Lost Boys. Those are just a on whim things. I'd like to eventually collect all the Buffy/Angel figures.

    That is cool, Richard Armitage has an Action Figure. LOL!

  8. Yeah, but it doesn't really look like him though - but that's alright since I know who it's supposed to be - and his picture is on the package. And like yours, the package remains unopened.

  9. That's so cool! I love your PEZ army!!!!

    I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while, Anna. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and you're enjoying the holiday season. Can you believe it's almost 2009 already??!?!?

  10. Thanks Christine. That's ok, you've been pretty busy with your house construction.

    Yep Christmas went very well. Hope you had a good holiday too! It is hard to believe that it'll be 2009 in a matter of days. The year sure went by fast. :)

  11. That's cool. I was in the same boat earlier this week when my friend asked me what I collect or would like to start collecting and I laughed telling her books but then wondered what I had collected before books?

    Thanks for sharing this with us!



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