Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Contest Recap

I'm still getting entries for my last contest, but did offically close on December 25th. Thanks for all who entered! I will be having another big contest in the Spring or Summer. Here's a recap of the winners....

December 20th
Tracy - The Dragon Master By: Allyson James

December 21st
Michelle G. - Shadow Kiss By: Richelle Mead

December 22nd
Katiebabs - Dead After Dark (anthology)

December 23rd
Carolyn Jean - Succubus On Top By: Richelle Mead

December 24th
Sha and Michelle - Marked By Moonlight By: Sharie Kohler

December 25th
Barbara - The Darkest Pleasure By: Gena Showalter
Candice - Prey By: Melina Morel
Brooke Reviews - Night Child By: Jes Battis


  1. I like the layout, Anna. You mentioned you have to re-add your widgets. If you copy/save and then paste the widgets at the bottom of your HTML code you won't have to keep doing that.

  2. Thanks Barbara!!

    Oh, Ok. I ended up just saving the code to my widgets to note pad. Putting things back together this time went alot faster. :)

  3. Your new layout rocks! I love the background. How do you change that again? I tried the other day, but apparently I wasn't doing it in the right place.

  4. Thanks! Let me find it in my code and then I'll send it to your email. :)



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