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[Review] - Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

Title: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Author: Marta Acosta
Series: Casa Dracula
Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Comedy
Year: 2006 & 2008

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: Despite her Fancy University (F.U.) degree, Milagro de los Santos isn’t having much success at life. She can barely pay the rent and all of her boyfriends are as frivolous as beach reads. Then, at a party in honor of her successful ex-boyfriend, she meets the unusually attractive, quirky Oswald Grant.

Who knew that her passionate kiss with Oswald would result in serious illness, a craving for raw meat, and an aversion to sunlight? Well, her ambitious ex knew, and after he attempts to kidnap Milagro, she must hide out with Oswald’s snobby family at their country estate to recover and learn the truth about their mysterious "genetic condition.

When Oswald and his family are threatened, Milagro uses her wits, her wiles, and a wacky scheme to bring down the power-hungry creeps who refuse to let the undead live in peace.

Thoughts: This was a re-read for me, I read it for the first time back in 2006. It was just as good this time around if not better. Ms. Acosta's has created a very unique twist on vampires. Our heroine Milagro gets herself into some interesting situation, most times hilarious. I love her sense of humor. Happy Hour was a fun, laugh out loud, entertaining read. I love spending time in Milagro's world. I'm looking forward to reading the latest in the series The Bride of Casa Dracula, it'll be interesting to see what Milargo has been up to. :)

Score: 4 Stars

Author Website:

Casa Dracula Series:
Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Midnight Brunch
The Bride of Casa Dracula


  1. Great review Anna!! Although not my usual read, I'm very happy you enjoyed the story!! :)

  2. I haven't read this one so I think I'll get around to it at some point. I always enjoy reading vampire books

  3. Barbara C. Thanks! I usually read anything with vampires involved. :)

    I think you'll like this one Barbara.

  4. I've become a big vampire fan lately....this looks like a really fun read!! Great review!! :)

  5. This is such a wonderful series. Sort of a fresh angle, and so well written! And humorous.

  6. It's always nice when we reread a book and we find it just as good!

  7. Nice review, did make me wanna read it :D
    I am a sucker for vampires

  8. Hi, Anna, thanks for reviewing the first book in my series! I'm glad you liked it again when re-reading. If you've read the others, you know that some of the early scenes foreshadow scenes in the later books. And then I threw a lot of loony stuff in for fun.

  9. I have read the first two books. I'm looking forward to reading The Bride of Casa Dracula. :D

  10. Is that a hint? Send me an email and I'll make sure you get a review copy.

  11. Actually I have a copy of Bride. :)



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