Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Book Meme

Name thirteen of your favorite books you've read so far this year!

1. Devil In Winter- Lisa Kleypas

2. Scandal by Spring- Lisa Kleypas

3. Kiss of the Demon King- Kresley Cole

4. Seduced by Darkness- Delilah Devlin

5. Sins of the Flesh- Devyn Quinn

6. Night After Night- Kathryn Smith

7. Coyote's Mate- Lora Leigh

8. Kushiel's Justice- Jacqueline Carey

9. Bone Crossed- Patricia Briggs

10. Grave Sins- Jenna Maclaine

11. Hell Kat- Vivi Anna

12. Road Trip of the Living Dead- Mark Henry

13. White Witch, Black Curse- Kim Harrison


  1. YAY!!! Two Lisa Kleypas novels :D

  2. LOL!! You're too cute!! How did your hair appt go? New look?

  3. Ugh, My guy wasn't there. So, I'm gonna get the cut next week.

  4. Very good. Faithful client. My favorite kind ;)

  5. I'm glad to see Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower books got on your favorites list, especially since I know how much you love paranormal romance and UF. I'm about to read Secrets of a Summer Night this weekend for my TBR Challenge.

    I still have to buy and read the last Brotherhood of Blood book by Kathryn Smith AND Bone Crossed!!!! There's just not enough time, Anna! *cries*

  6. LOL I know the feeling. Too many books and so little time.

    Yes I love the Wallflower books, hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :)

    Bone Crossed was so very good. Definitely worth the hardcover price. :)

  7. Great books, but I can't get through Moon Called, have tried several times... Perhaps it's the first person, I did like Alpha and Omega.. How about her other books,can you tell, so many seem to like Patricia Briggs.

  8. I have enjoyed all the Mercy books. But for me Cry Wolf was just ok. I'm hoping Hunting Ground is better. I have some of her earlier fantasy books, but haven't read them yet. But I hear they are really good.

  9. I loved Cry Wolf for its UF aspect, but did wish there was a bit more romance in it between Ana and Charles. I'm hopeful, too, that Hunting Ground will delve more deeply into their relationship.

    Eva, I had a little trouble getting into Moon Called at first, too. I think I may have been at least halfway through when I finally started to enjoy and appreciate Briggs' story telling. Then my enjoyment of the series totally took off from there.

    At the same time, though, sometimes a book or series just isn't for everyone's liking, you know? Don't feel badly for not loving something just because everyone else seems to. I think we all have a book or two on our shelves that fit that bill. ;)

  10. I was hoping for a bit more romance with Anna and Charles too. But still look forward to the new book. I just love that world.



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