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[Review] - Nicholas

Title: Nicholas
Author: Elizabeth Amber
Series: The Lords of Satyr
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Year: 2007

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: The last in a fabled line of otherworldly aristocracy, the Lords of Satyr are born to wealth, power, and a talent for sensual delight that mere mortals only dream of. Commanded to marry, these passionate men will travel to Rome, Venice, and Paris—and along the way will explore desires both shamelessly wicked and blissfully divine…

Nicholas looks very much like what he is—a handsome, successful heir to a vineyard in Tuscany. But Nicholas is much more for he is one of the last in an ancient line of Satyr men. And the dying king of ElseWorld wants him not only to marry, but to wed one of the king’s own daughters—a half-human, half-faerie woman unaware of her heritage. Nicholas won’t shirk his duty to produce heirs to guard his race’s legacies, but he never planned to make his bride his only lover. A Satyr’s sexual hunger and sexual skills are legendary. One woman will never satisfy him.

Or so Nick believes until he meets Jane. As spirited as she is fey, as beautiful as she is innocent, she is nevertheless determined to make her new husband hers alone—and she’s eager for him to teach her every deliciously carnal secret he knows.

Thoughts: This story has an eye popping start. Ms. Amber has a brilliant imagination. Talk about double the pleasure. Even though I have read quiet a few Erotica books, I found myself gasping at some scenes. Not only is the cover yummy, the book was deliciously written. If your looking for a steamy erotica Nicholas would be what your looking for. And the good news there are 3 more Satyr's to read about. ;)

Score: 4 Stars

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  1. Double the pleasure is right! This book was steamy!! Great review!!

    I'm eyeing that Coleen Gleason book that you're reading. Is it historical?? It looks good!

  2. I think I might have this in my TBR!!! I will do some digging and if it isn't there I'll add it to my TBB list!!!

    Great review Anna....thanks!! :)

  3. Thanks Barbara! It's actually a Paranormal Historical Romance. If its something you might be interested in you should start with the first book: The Rest Falls Away. Very good series :)

    Thanks Blanche! :)

  4. Thanks, Anna! I'll definitely be looking into it.

  5. "This story has an eye popping start."

    Um...eye-popping cover, too! Oh my!

    I'm very intrigued. Especially after the comments about the opening scene. Must see if they have it in ebook!

    Thanks for the review! :-)

  6. I have this book in my tbr pile, and was wondering if you needed to read the books before. I see your comment, so I will have to go check em out!

  7. Man, I've got all Ms. Amber's books in my TBR. I'm going to have to move them up the stack! lol

    Great review Anna! I'm very, um "intrigued".

    Warm Regards

  8. Eye popping, eh?

    That caught my eye. I am going to have to get this one now!

  9. Hi Anna!

    Thank you so much for reviewing Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr. I'm glad it surprised you and I loved your descriptive words and phrases! :o)

    Hello to Barbara, too! Nice to see you.

    Renee, the eye-popping scene Anna mentioned is one I moved up to the beginning as a last-minute decision just before Nicholas went to my editor. I'm so glad I did!

    Hi Blanche, Cindy, Lea, and Amy. I hope you enjoy Nicholas and the other satyr novels if you get a chance. I really lucked out with the covers, especially the one for Nicholas. Interestingly, Nicholas just pubbed in Germany this month with a completely different cover. You can see it on I usually don't like covers that show the face of the hero, but I do really like this new cover.

    Wishing you all a great Sunday!
    ~ Elizabeth Amber

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for stopping by! :)



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