Saturday, March 21, 2009


Directors Notebook

The Story Of How The Movie Was Made

By: Catherine Hardwicke

I originally hadn't planned to buy this book. But last week I was at Walmart checking out what they had for new books. I did a double take when I saw this book, I really wasn't expecting to Walmart to have it. Back in 2006 after I first read Twilight, Walmart didn't even carry it, now the Saga takes up half of the hardcover section. So, I looked at the book and walked away and what ya know it started calling me name. Damnt thing. LOL!

I finished reading it in a couple days. It's a really fast read but very interesting and insightful. The book is full of drawings, story boards, candids and stills from the film. If there is any tidbit you've wondered about the movie, you'll probably find it somewhere in this book.

I'll be giving this one away in one of my contests this summer.

I sure many of you are aware that Twilight is being released on dvd today! But I thought I'd post the news just incase there's someone out there who doesn't know. ;)


  1. I never got to see it in the movies so I'm dying to rent it on demand tomorrow. If it's good, I'll definitely buy a copy!!

  2. I got my copy of the movie in the mail this afternoon! Take that, midnight release lol

  3. Hope you like it. :) It wasn't perfect, but not many books that are made into movies are. But I enjoyed it. I pre-ordered mine from Barnes and Noble, so I should get it early next week.

  4. Ooh Candice, that was very lucky! :)


  5. I'm mixed about the orginial book, Twilight - I saw the movie Twilight and then bought the book. I bought the book right after I saw the movie-I've only gotten into like chapter 4...but it just doesn't hold my attention.

    I LOVE Harry Potter, and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-hunters...but Twilight...hmmm...

    I heard from some of my friends that Twilight is their least favorite of the series but...I just haven't been able to get into it at all.

    I am planning to buy the movie,I didn't feel the movie wasn't the greatest -but it is Vampire so I do want it!!!

  6. Now ya see, I didn't know it released! LOL I knew it was coming out soon, but never paid attention as to when. I need to get me a copy.

  7. Hey Anna:

    Wow, that was fast (or it seems like it) for the DVD release. I didn't realise it was going to be out today!

    That book does sound very interest!

    Thanks Anna!

    Best Regards

  8. AmyC, Hehe I knew there had to be someone out there who didn't know. :)

    Lea, Yeah it is pretty fast, with it already being released on dvd. It's not the norm of what you normally read, but still very good. :)



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