Thursday, April 2, 2009


It seems they have changed the release date of The Dark-Hunters Vol. 1 (manga). I had it down as April 28th. Now it has a release date of May 26, 2009.

For those of you out there who don't get Sherrilyn's newsletter... the new site is up. Here's the link:



  1. Didn't know about the DH manga, cool :D

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Anna! I wasn't aware of it either.

    I LOVE the graphic by the way.

    Have a great day!

  3. You're so good to everyone, Anna!

    Hope you're staying warm!!

  4. Your welcome guys! :)

    Oh yeah all is warm here, just not Spring warm. But the good thing is. It stopped snowing yesterday and started melting. Yay!

  5. More got dumped but it is melting right now. Mother Nature is still very much confused. It looks like more is on the way Friday night. Well at least I have something good to read.

    Have you ever read any books by Linda Wisdom? I'm almost done with 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover and really love it. As for the manga I'd have to look at the other library since it has a better manga section since manga is just too pricy for me. I didn't know she had a manga.

  6. I haven't read Linda Wisdom, but I have seen her books in the store. They look cute.

  7. Hi Anna!

    What a cool graphic! I wonder why the delay? Dark Hunter looks and sounds great! Just my cup of tea! Thanks for letting us know!

    I thought IL was bad, it snowed here on Saturday, but MINN definitely has us beat. It's been cold and rainy, but no more snow, that is until next week when we're suppose to get more.

    Stay warm and keep reading!!

    Dottie ;-)

  8. Thanks Dottie!

    North Dakota has us both beat. The other day some town got 52 inches.

    Ugh! Not good.

  9. You will probably be surprised to know that I just finished reading "Dream Warrior" for the first time, I started reading it yesterday and finished it today.

    I had planned on reading it when it first came out, but we were in the process of moving so I didn't get a chance.

    It was very interesting and page-turning. I like it alot, but I do miss the "original" dark-hunter style.

    Like Julian, Wren, Talon, Vane, and Kyrain - tortured souls who are tamed.

    These new ones seem to be: bloody Battle, Sex, bloody Battle, Sex - rather than sweet romance...

    I do like the funny demons, example: Nim.

    And I am very curious about Madoc and Nick!!!




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