Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whatcha Reading???

I saw this post over at Literary Escapism and thought I'd give it a whirl. :)

What books did you read last week and did you enjoy them?
Sea Lord- Virginia Kantra ***This was a great ending the the trilogy

The Madness of Ian MacKenzie- Jennifer Ashley ***This was the first time I read Jennifer Ashley and I quite liked it. I can't wait to get my hands on Mac's book.

Devil in a Kilt- Sue-Ellen Welfonder *** This book was recommended to me and I really enjoyed it. I miss Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series, so if anyone has some good Highlander recs, I'm all ears.

The Awakening- Kelley Armstrong *** Second book in the authors YA series. It's not as good as her Women of the Otherworld series, but still enjoyable.

Second Skin- Caitlin Kittredge *** Love this series. While it was a good read, I was a bit disappointed in it compared to the first two books.

The Vikings Forbidden Love-Slave- Michelle Willingham ***This book is from the Harlequin Undone line and it was a fun quick read.

Turn Coat- Jim Butcher ***Another good installment in this series. Although there were a few events that happened, that I didn't care for at all. Poor Harry!

Inferno- Vivi Anna ***A sexy Futuristic Romance. It's the sequel to a book called Hell Kat. I wish there were more books coming about these characters.

What are you currently reading?
Ashes to Midnight by Lara Adrian - Andreas Reichen's story
The Mage by Jean Johnson - Last book in the Sons of Destiny series

What will you read next?
Not sure yet, but it's a gonna be a toss up between Richelle Mead's Succubus Heat, Christine Feehan's Magic in the Wind or Sylvia Day's Ask For It

Have you bought/borrowed/acquired any books this week?
A Hint of Wicked- Jennifer Haymore
Hunter's Edge- Shiloh Walker
A Grand Sophy- Georgette Heyer

Fill in the blank: If you liked (insert book title or series), you will probably like (fill in).
I could say a lot for this one, cause there are so many good authors out there. But if you liked Lora Leigh's Breed series you'll probably like Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series. Both deal with shifters and possessive males.


  1. Hi Anna, I was going to go to bed! I like this post :). It's fun, and fun is good.

    I read Ask For It. I really like Sylvia Day's historicals. At some point they always get me a little bleary eyed! I'm sure I could give you some Highlander recommendations :). Janet Chapman writes really good contemporary Highlanders :).

    Good night!

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the rec, I'm gonna check out Janet Chapman's website.

    Hope you have a good night. :)

  3. Hi Anna!

    I just finished Turn Coat, Strange Angels, and I'm half way through Dayhunter (omg - I'm freaking loving this book!) I also saw the new Star Trek movie (reviewing of course), have you seen it yet? I have to say it was amazing!!

    Whoa, no more caffeine for me tonight!

    Dottie :)

  4. Fun post! Amazed at all that you read in week's time! I'm going to give the Dresden Files a whirl on audiobooks, listen to them at work. I hear that James Marsters does a fab. job. Never listened to audiobooks before though.

  5. Dottie,

    Yep I saw Star Trek a few weeks ago and looved it. I'd go see it again if I could. LOL!

    Thanks Fantasy Dreamer. I read most of the Dresden Files in paper back, but the last two I got my hands on the audio and I have to say James Marsters does a wonderful job bring Harry and his world to life.

  6. What books did you read last week and did you enjoy them?
    - Stolen Heat by Elisabeth Naughton - loved it!

    What are you currently reading?
    - Hard and Fast - Erin McCarthy
    - Dead Right - Cate Noble

    What will you read next?
    - I'm not sure - whichever one calls me the loudest

    Have you bought/borrowed/acquired any books this week?
    - Well - the week before I bought Dead Right and discovered it was missing a chunk of pages and I exchanged it this week - but that's it.

    If you liked Elizabeth Hoyt, you will probably like Liz Carlyle.

    Fun Game!!

  7. I have one of the Kelley books and I'm waiting on the other one. I'm about ten pages away from finishing Death's Daughter. I also reread Ruby by VC Andrews. And now I'm going to have to look through my email because I've misplaced it. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been deleted but I've been slammed with tons of email for some crazy reason so I'll get back to you hopefully tomorrow.

  8. Anna, I almost skipped over your blog, but since I did see that your favorite music was Chemical Romance I'll stop to ask you in hopes we make a connection. I'm a teacher who wrote a published a book, The Black Parade: The Phantom Series, to show my students they could make a difference through literature. My proceeds are donated to St. Jude and I am looking for sponsors and supporters of my cause. I would LOVE for you to read my book, even though it s urban fantasy chick-lit, and give me a review. If you want to help please visit my site
    I hope you will give me a try1 Thanks so much!

  9. A lot of good reads for you :D
    I have been too lazy this week

  10. Hi Anna!

    Come to Illinois and I'll go with you again, I loved it. It was sooo good. But, then I'm big Star Trek fan, always have been, always will be. I talked my hubs into going and I leaned over and whispered 'Isn't this great!' and he just rolled his eyes. I'm not sure he was as impressed with the movie as I was. lol.

    Dottie :)

  11. Hey Anna! For Highlanders, I'd read Monica McCarty's. She has 2 sets of trilogies, all of my buddies are really enjoying them! I have all 6 in my tbr pile. I have Janet Chapman and Melissa Mayhue in my tbr pile from recs from a few people (Amy was definately the JC one!)

    Did you see the Dark Hunters Magna got pushed back to JULY 7????

    Kristie, I can't wait to see your Hard and Fast review!

    Okay, I'm at the library and must go back to studying! Cindy

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the rec, I'm gonna check Monica McCarty out.

    Ugh, Yes I did see that The Manga got pushed back again. Hopefully that won't happen again.

  13. Gosh you're a fast reader Anna. I wish I could turn out that many books in a week. I'd have my TBR pile conquored in a relatively short time.

    I'm really excited to read that Jennifer Ashley novel. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. Also, I'm anxiously awaiting my copy of 'Ashes of Midnight'. While I didn't enjoy Niko's story, I'm definitely dying for Andreas. Poor guy!

    :) VFG

  14. I bought The Awakening but I haven't had time to read it yet.



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