Friday, July 10, 2009

In My Mailbox [11]

Thanks to Michelle


  1. Nice haul Anna:

    I hope you enjoy Outlander as much as I did. I won a copy of Mark of the Demon too as well as "Knight of Desire" and am looking forward to both reads.

    I think I also have that Linnea Sinclair book in the stacks.

    You enjoy! And, have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I'm going to be reading Outlander if I ever finish Webmage for a reading challenge where I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of books.

  3. Nice haul of books-- hope you enjoy Outlander, I personally loved it. ;)

    I saw Mark of the Demon and Warbreaker in the store a few weeks ago, but I didn't buy them. You'll have to tell us how you like them! ;)


  4. I've heard so many good things about Outlander. I'm sure I'll enjoy it too.

  5. Finders Keepers looks interesting, and you have Warbreaker! Lucky lucky you. I hope you enjoy your batch of yummies. =)

  6. Nice book haul there Anna!!!
    I have wrote all these books in my gaint notebook of TBB's!!! Thanks for the awesome contet!
    Hope you have a great weekend. Please don't forget to go to my place for a chance to win Elizabeth Amber's book... one of the Satyr brothers...!! Hope to see you there Anna!

  7. Hi Anna! I haven't read OUTLANDER yet either. Its collecting dust here! I keep saying when I have time to read the big book that it is! I love to hear your thoughts on MARK OF THE DEMON. As well as Ms. Sinclairs. I hope to read more o hers soon! I have them bothdown on my list too. The others are new to me books/authors

  8. Great Haul Anna!

    I personally adore Outlander! It is one of my all time fav series and I have reread it a couple of times!

    I haven't read anything else you got but I want to so i'll be looking forward to seeing what you think!

    Which are you going to read first?

  9. Hey Anna,

    I have Outlander and Finders Keepers on the shelf. I wasn't sure what Sinclair book I bought and it was that one.

  10. Hi Amy,

    I'm a few chapters in on Finders Keepers. I think you'll like this one. :)

  11. Hi Amanda,

    I'm reading Finder's Keeper first.

  12. Great week :D
    Knight of Desire, mm, looks very nice. As do mark of the Demon



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