Monday, April 25, 2011

[ARC Review] - The Legend of Michael

Title: The Legend of Michael
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Series: Zodius
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2011

I received this book for review from Sourcebooks.


One of an army of human soldiers injected with alien DNA, Michael is a legend within this new race, split between good and evil. Untamable, he has walked on the dark side and returned to the light. Feared and misunderstood, he leaves everything behind, including the one women destined to be his mate.


Fate leads Michael back to Cassandra Powell, for she holds the key to defending his comrades. With their loyalties divided between duty and the people they love, only together can Cassandra and Michael overcome insurmountable odds to save humanity from the wrath of a madman.

But no ordinary women can control a creature such as Michael, and only one thing is clear--the world will never be the same.

Thoughts: Michael is a human soldier that has been injected and changed with alien DNA by the government. Among his fellow soldiers he is legend and one not to cross. When Cassandra & Michael meet for the first time, they literally crash into each other. From that first gaze and touch he rocks her world.  Instantly Michael knows that  Cassandra is his mate and will do anything to protect her... even if that means leaving her behind.

This book holds a story of soldiers drastically changed by alien DNA, but also a story of life mates. Something that always draws me in.  For me The Legend of Michael was a surprise. I wasn't sure I was gonna like it. I don't read many books with military type settings. But it was a much more than a military story. It was one hot story, and an exciting new world. Original, full of action with fun steamy scenes. Michael's commanding presence sizzles and jumps off the page.

Score: 4 Stars

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  1. Hmmm...I might have to give this one a try even though I am not a huge fan of DNA transformations. Still sounds good though the way you describe it!

  2. I am gonna read it soon, well soonish, so will see then :)

  3. Hmmm.... you do make this sound interesting.. the cover helps too..;-)



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