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Guest Author: Lynda Hilburn + Giveaway

Interview with Kismet Knight and Victoria Essex

Lynda Hilburn: I asked Kismet Knight, the psychologist main character in my Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series and her friend, resident witch, and business manager for master vampire Devereux, Victoria Essex, to talk about some of their favorite things: Sex, vampire males, magic and one particular immortal. Take it away ladies . . .

Victoria: Everyone wants to know more about Devereux – my boss and your highly significant other. Of course, since I work with him every night, I know how powerful and enticing he is. But even before he fell for you, I didn’t think of him in a sexual way.

Kismet: HA! Uh huh. Right.

Victoria: Well, okay. Maybe some parts of me thought of him that way once in a while – I’m not dead yet – but he signs my paychecks and I know better than to mix business with pleasure. What do you know about him that nobody else knows?

Kismet: Well, since you have a vampire lover, too, I’m sure you’re aware of their stamina. Devereux, being the considerate partner that he is, would just keep on going as long as I was enjoying myself. He’s the vampiric energizer bunny. I learned very quickly that there is such a thing as too many orgasms!

Victoria: Yes, that is an excellent vampire trait. Hmm. Too many orgasms? I don’t think my current companion can compete with Devereux in the quantity arena. Although his quality is right up there! But I’ll keep you posted. What else can you share about your personal blond god?

Kismet: He’s actually a very thoughtful guy – especially for a vampire. I counsel vampires, so I know that a lot of vampires spend their time planning their next meal and/or their next seduction. They don’t give much thought to the feelings or needs of their companions. Devereux has so many blood-donor volunteers that he never has to go without. Of course, if I have my way, his days of seducing women are over! He seems to need me for some mystical reason he hasn’t shared yet, and I’m happy to donate a pint or two of the crimson elixir as part of our intimate connection. Who knew it was so arousing?

Victoria: You recently visited my coven and are learning to control and enhance your skills and abilities. What do you think about the experience so far?

Kismet: I spent most of my life trying not to have any unusual abilities. It was hard being different. I never fit in. But since I met you and the vampires, and I’ve found myself in several dangerous situations, I’ve decided it’s important for me to use anything I have at my disposal. My tendency is to always use my mind – my therapist skills – to solve problems, but the sorts of situations I’ve stumbled into with the undead have made me rethink all my coping mechanisms. I’m enjoying the coven. It’s strange to be a beginner at something again, but all the women have been very helpful – when they’re not making fun of me! It’s humbling to be around a witch as powerful as you.

Victoria: Stop! You’re embarrassing me. Actually, you’re around two powerful witches. Devereux doesn’t call himself a witch – he prefers wizard, like Merlin – but he’s had centuries to refine his craft. He was a spell caster long before he was transformed into a vampire. He’s a force to be reckoned with, as if you didn’t know! And speaking of forces, the upcoming Solstice is the most awesome time of year. So powerful! We’ll have to cast a very special spell. Something luscious for both of us.

Kismet: I heard you came into work once covered with fur from a spell gone bad. Is that the strangest consequence of your magic?

Victoria: No. Not even close! My personal favorite is the time, when I was a young witch, I thought I was casting a spell to transform myself into the “perfect witch” – imagine Samantha in Bewitched. Instead, I turned into the stereotypical hag: long, warty nose, straggly green hair, evil cackle – the whole witchy nightmare! It took my coven days to restore me to my normal self. Although, I wouldn’t have minded if they’d managed to reduce some of my voluptuous figure in the transformation!

Kismet: No way! You wouldn’t be nearly as gorgeous without your curves. I see the way men look at you.

Victoria: Look who’s talking! I think that vampire blood you ingested at the protection ritual has enhanced your looks. Have you noticed any other differences since you drank it?

Kismet: Definitely. I’m stronger. I have more energy – for all activities. And my intuition/psychic ability has grown. My fear is that there are some negative things I haven’t figured out yet. I’m glad I have you to help me. Maybe we can work some magic on my behalf on the Solstice.

Victoria: You can count on me. Readers can find out a lot more about your visit to the coven and the expansion of your abilities in upcoming books in the series.

Kismet and Victoria: Goodbye for now! Stop by the next time you’re in Denver!

The Vampire Shrink
By Lynda Hilburn
April 3, 2012
Sterling Publishing, NY, USA

A sizzlingly sexy urban fantasy sure to feed the hunger of ravenous, vampire-loving fans.

Kismet Knight, a brainy Denver-based psychologist with a stalled career and a nonexistent love life, is about to have her world rocked. Not only does her newest patient, Midnight, long to become a vampire, but the teenager insists that a coven of the undead hangs out at a local goth club. The always-rational Kismet dismisses Midnight's claims as the delusions of an attention-starved girl--until bodies start turning up drained of blood and the hottest self-proclaimed vampire ever to walk the face of the earth enters her office.

What's real? What's not? As inexplicable events and romantic opportunities pile up, along with the corpses, Kismet finds herself in a whirlwind of passion, mystery, and danger. But this tough and funny heroine--who doesn't do damsel in distress--is about to turn the vampire-meets-girl convention on its head.

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Thanks to Lynda, I have (1) copy of The Vampire Shrink to giveaway.  To enter leave a comment along with your email address. Open to U.S. & Canada. The winner will be announced on April 11th. Good Luck!


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