Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Book Blogger: Amy C

Today's book blogger is Amy C from Romance Book Wyrm, she is offering a cool giveaway. 

Happy Thursday to all over here at Anna's blog! I've known this wonderful lady online for quite awhile now. Since 2006, maybe? Wow...has it been that long? Met her over on myspace when I discovered all the authors who had their own pages. She was kind enough to ask me if I would like to guest post this month, so of course I said yes. I sort of procrastinated, but I don't think she's too awful mad at me :)

I wasn't sure what I would post about, so I thought I would make a bookmark to give away. Thought it would be appropriate since we are all readers and one can NEVER have too many bookmarks! I had fun gathering up little things to make this, brought back memories of the time when I scrap-booked everyday several years ago.

All you gotta do to be entered to win this lovely hand-crafted bookmark is leave a comment along with your email address and live in the US.  Winner will be announced on October 23rd.

Thank you so much, Anna!
I hope you all have a great day and a fabulous weekend!


  1. *waves to Amy*
    A very cool bookmark :)

  2. Hi from one Amy to another!!! Love the bookmark! I use to scrapbook a ton but then reading took over. Beautiful work!

  3. I try to keep up with the scrapbooking, it's hard to fit it into a busy day. Lovely bookmark.

  4. I love the book mark. Its very beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.



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