Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Book Blogger: Amy J.

This month I had a few spots open and thought it would be fun to have some book bloggers do some guest posts. Amy J. of My Overstuffed Bookshelf is up first. :)

A Day In The Life Of This Blogger
By Amy J.

Whenever I am stumped for a blog topic for a guest post by an author, I always fall on the reliable topic of what that author goes through during a normal day. Sometimes this can be quite entertaining and gives a reader insight on what being an author is all about. So when Anna asked me to guest post on Anna’s Book Blog, I drew a blank on what to write about. So I decided to turn the tables on myself and log my daily routine even if it doesn’t seem normal at times.

Hubby attempts to wake me up so I can start my day. I say attempts because I am not a morning person. It takes several attempts sometimes to get me to roll out of bed. This leads to....

With much grumbling and protesting, my hubby is finally successful in getting me to get my lazy tail out of bed. He knows not to say much to me until I make it to the coffee pot. He has even gotten into the habit of having a cup of heaven ready for me already.

Kiss the hubby good bye. Wake the almost 17 year old teenager who thinks she will wake up with her alarm but never does. Then proceed to my couch and down my second cup of coffee while seeing how hot it is suppose to be in hell our town for the day on the weather channel. Open my laptop. Check facebook, twitter and personal email.

Realize I don’t have time to read the blog email now. Jump up to go wake up the 7 year old terror before she oversleeps. Drag her out of her room while she grumbles about being too tired for second grade. Push her into the kitchen and pour her cereal. Glance up and see the mean looks of death she is giving me. Cringe in terror and run out of the room.

The oldest is off to school. Fight with the youngest on deciding if the hair goes up or down, the importance of brushing her teeth, and the three shouts of get your tail in the car before mom loses it. Take her to school -- while remembering it is not very acceptable to do a drive by and make her tuck and roll out of the car and eventually out of my hair for the day. Head home through the insane traffic of snotty parents who thinks it is okay to sit and watch their children walk from the car to the doors 10 feet away while blocking the drive thru lane for drop off.

Dump my now cold coffee and switch to the nirvana of Coca-Cola caffeine. Heaven. Silence in the house pursues. I read and follow up on my blog email. Check facebook again, twitter again and cruise Pinterest for a bit. Surf the book blogger world for a bit and read some reviews. Realize I need to post something on my blog. Go to my saved blog reviews I have written up in advance and decide which ones to post.

Read for a bit. Another book bites the dust and is added to the review pile.

Finally cave and check out my email, twitter and facebook again. I am a social junkee. I may be shy, but I do like to see what is going on. Get sidetracked with the evil Pinterest black hole and stay on it too long.

Get a call from the oldest daughter asking where the heck I am at. She is waiting for me to pick her up. Dang it. The darn internet sidetracked me. Rush out of the house with the dogs fighting me to get on their leashes because I don’t want to have to take the time to shut the driveway gates. Speed to pick her up. Resume reading my next book.

Time to go get the youngest. Rush out again and the dogs are giving me the evil eye because I forgot to take them off the leashes last time. Oops. Pick the daughter up. Swing by McDonalds and get her a happy meal because I spent too much time on Pinterest looking for something to cook for dinner that I forgot to go to the store. Another oops. Race home and attempt to scrounge for something for dinner. Success! Rice A Roni it is so I can have more time to read.

Have dinner ready and we all sit down to eat. Relax and then attempt to get the kids to do the dreaded homework. Fights ensue. Ten minutes worth of homework ends up taking one hour.

Threaten the kids to take their showers before I turn the hose on them. Force them to brush their teeth and go through the importance of it again. Read for a bit more. Check twitter, facebook, email and blogs again. Force myself to stay away from Pinterest.

Make the kids go to their rooms and hope they fall asleep soon. Spend some time with the hubby. Watch some television. Read in bed until my husband is growling about the light being on.

Force myself to quit reading. Turn off the light. Attempt to sleep but can’t help but think about the hero of the book I am reading. Try to get up and turn the light on and read again, but the hubby holds my book hostage. He tells me sleep or he will take the book and hide it. So I cave and go to bed.


So that is how this blogger spends most days. Not too exciting but that is how I juggle my family and blogging. Thanks for having me on the blog Anna!

My question for all of you is how do you incorporate reading time into real life?


  1. Since I don't work, I'm a night owl so my days don't start until about 10am. I check my email and Facebook and work on blog posts that I have coming up. These three things happen several times during the day. Facebook = Evil It can be a big distracting at times.

    It's usually around noon when I start my reading. That continues off and on through out the day. The length of reading time depends on my sick cat (who is doing much better) and any doctor appointments there might be.

    I'm a tv junkie so I watch quite a few shows in the evening and I read during the commercials and then read some more before I go to bed.


  2. I agree. Now that I have found Facebook to add to my internet addiction, I am on there way too much. LOL
    My husband laughs because I carry my book with me in every room. Even when I go to the kitchen to make dinner I take it.

    Thanks for having me on the blog Anna!

    1. I've been known to read my books while walking through the house. Thankfully I've never run into anything. LOL!

      You are most welcome!

  3. If I go out for an appointment, I have my book tucked in my purse. As I'm retired, I still am up to my ears with things needing to be done. It's true what people say that they don't know how they found time to work! Anyway, my book is never far from my elbow and I sneak in a chapter here and there throughout the day. When I crawl in bed at night, I really get to dive in. Of course, there are nights - after an exhausting day - that I have a hard time keeping my eyes open. But then, that's one reason they invented toothpicks! :-)

  4. Me too Connie! I buy purses on the one condition that it can fit a book! Have book, will travel!

  5. I take me book to appointments too or my Kindle.

  6. I take my book or Kindle with me wherever I go, I read while the computer loads and while I make dinner. Lastly, I read a few minutes before I go to sleep.



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