Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 - Reading List

Angel Omnibus- Various Authors [4/5]
Edge of Dawn- Lara Adrian [4/5]
Bite Me, Your Grace- Brooklyn Ann [3/5]
Pros and Cons- Jenna Black [3/5]
Serenity: Better Days- Whedon, Matthews & Conrad [3/5]
Spike: The Complete Series- Bryan Lynch [4/5]
The Indigo Spell- Richelle Mead [4/5]
The Courtship- Grace Burrowes [3/5]
Divergent- Veronica Roth [4/5]
Flirting Under a Full Moon- Ashlyn Chase [4/5, review coming soon]
Rogue Descendant- Jenna Black [4/5, review coming soon]
Second Chance- Heather Brewer [3/5]
The Duke and His Duchess- Grace Burrowes [4/5]
Crimson Flames- Ashley Robertson [4/5]
Kitty Rocks the House- Carrie Vaughn [4/5]
Angel & Faith Vol. 1 Live Through This- Gage, Isaacs & Whedon [3/5]

Happy Spring!! Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota. It's warming up, the snow is melting and we got our first rainstorm. For those who had the long winter too... know how exciting this is. Hope everyone one has a great April! :)

Upcoming Events in April
  • Interview/Giveaway with Brooklyn Ann
  • Interview with Alex Hughes
  • Monthly Giveaway
  • Guest Blog & Giveaway with Ashlyn Chase
  • Interview & Giveaway with Lillie J. Roberts

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