Friday, April 15, 2016

Spotlight: Divine Descendant by Jenna Black

Divine Descendant
Nikki Glass #4
By Jenna Black

For Immortal Huntress and cunning private investigator Nikki Glass, vengeance trumps all in DIVINE DESCENDANT (Pocket Star EBooks; May 16, 2016; $1.99), the final novel in acclaimed author Jenna Black's addictive urban fantasy series!

Nikki Glass, descendant of Artemis the Huntress, is all for justice, but she draws the line at cold-blooded murder. Too bad she works for Anderson Kane, a god in disguise who just happens to be the son of a Fury. He wants Konstantin, the deposed leader of the Olympians, dead, and he needs Nikki’s help to hunt his nemesis down. Saying no to a god might be bad for her health, but Nikki is no pushover. She would do anything to protect her family, and now sets off on the deadliest of hunts, knowing that a single false step could trigger a war between Anderson and the Olympians—a war Anderson cannot hope to win. But is it possible she has another enemy? Maybe even one in her own house? As the mysteries deepen and the suspects mount, Nikki must try to put the pieces together and catch the real culprit before innocent people get caught in the cross fire.

Jenna Black is the author of the Nikki Glass, Immortal Huntress series. She is also the creator of the popular Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series, the Guardians of the Night paranormal romance series, and the Faeriewalker young adult fantasy series. She lives in North Carolina. Visit

Nikki Glass Series:
Dark Descendant | Deadly Descendant |
Rogue Descendant | Divine Descendant

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