Friday, January 2, 2009

January Book Releases

When I was running Author Finder on MySpace I posted a list of book releases every month. Since closing the profile down I have had a few people asking about the monthly list. So, I'll post them here since there has been some interest. If I ever miss any book releases, let me know and I'll post them. :)

Stranger- Megan Hart
Alpha Wolf- Linda O. Johnston
Echoes In the Dark- Robin D. Owens
Heart of the Dragon- Gena Showalter

Highland Heat- Tilly Greene
Fallen Angel- Sherrill Quinn
The Devil and Via- Marie Treanor

One More Bite- Jennifer Rardin
Border Moonlight- Amanda Scott

Dawnkeepers- Jessica Andersen
Real Vampires Don't Diet- Gerry Bartlett
Witch Heart- Anya Bast
A Veiled Deception- Annette Blair
Mean Streets- Butcher, Richardson, Green & Sniegoski
Ransom My Heart- Meg Cabot
Lord of Misrule- Rachel Caine
Bedeviled- Maureen Child
All Bottled Up- Christine d'Abo
Night of the Loving Dead- Casey Daniels
Night Huntress- Yasmine Galenorn
Just Another Judgement Day- Simon R. Green
In Shade and Shadow- Barb & J.C. Hendee
Mortal Temptations- Allyson James
Princess of the Sword- Lynn Kurland
Only Pleasure- Lora Leigh
Mona Lisa Darkening- Sunny
Stay the Night- Lynn Viehl
Hedda's Sword- Renee Wildes
Warrior of the Highlands- Veronica Wolf

Eyes of Stone- Tara Nina

Dragon By Day- Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Biting Nixie- Mary Hughes
Asmodeus- Dawn McClure
Playing for Keeps- Shiloh Walker

Galaxy Tryst- Piper Leigh

Kiss of a Demon King- Kresley Cole
Immersed- Liz Craven
Ilfayne's Bane- Julia Knight

Beast Within- Betty Hanawa

Men of the Otherworld- Kelley Armstrong
Flight into Darkness- Sarah Ash
Night's Pleasure- Amanda Ashley
Dark of Night- Suzanne Brockmann
Seraph of Sorrows- MaryJanice Davidson & Anthony Alongi
Unfallen Dead- Mark Del Franco
Dragon in Chains- Daniel Fox
Night of the Hawk- Vonna Harper
The Vampire's Revenge- Raven Hart
The Sins of Lord Easterbrook- Madeline Hunter
Divine Fantasy- Melanie Jackson
A Highlander of Her Own- Melissa Mayhue
Highland Warrior- Monica McCarty
Darkness Unknown- Alexis Morgan
Blood Blade- Marcus Pelegrimas
Marked By Passion- Kate Perry
Devil in the Highlands- Lynsay Sands
Night After Night- Kathryn Smith
The Magic Knot- Helen Scott Taylor
Wicked Beast- Tawny Taylor
Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand- Carrie Vaughn
Kisses Like a Devil- Diane Whiteside

Thunderbird- Lynne Connolly

Crossing Swords- Kirsten Saell

Whispering- Nathalie Gray
Vision Lust- Lorie O'Clare

***Keep in mind dates are subject to change
*** All dates where taken from Amazon, Ellora's Cave & Samhain Publishing


  1. Anna, lol, I never knew you ran author finder! That site was one of my myspace buddies. So, I guess you and I have been friends a while :)

    I think it's great that you will be listing upcoming books here. I'm going to link it to my blog.

    Hope you had a good New Years day :)

  2. Ohh, I'm gonna have to look into Highland Heat by Tilly Greene. Sounds like an e-book?

  3. Yeah it is. At Ellora's Cave I believe.

  4. Yeah, I looked, and I htink I may pick it up. Not sure if it's historical, it really didn't say. I think it has bdsm. Not too fond of that but who knows, with a highlander it might be okay :)!

  5. Same here, but i'm sure you'll like it, it being highlander and all. ;)

  6. You have a wonderful comprehensive site here Anna. An amazing source of information with respect to book publication dates and authors.

    Your blog is very unique.

    Best Regards

  7. This is wonderful, Anna! Thanks for putting it together. :)

  8. Not a problem, I love help everyone with their growing book obsession. :D

  9. I just looked into Tara Nina and wouldn't ya know, she writes about highlanders! The one releasing on the 7th is the second one, so I'm going to order it and the first one the! They look good :).

  10. Great list! Don't forget Suzanne Brockmann's Dark of Night on the 27th! :)

  11. Thanks Tracy. I've added it to the list. :)



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