Thursday, July 22, 2010

[ARC Review] - Shadow Fall

Title: Shadow Fall
Author: Erin Kellison
Series: Shadow
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2010

I received this book for review from Dorchester Publishing.

Custo Santovari accepted pain, blood, even death, to save his best friend. But a man with all his sins just isn't cut out to be an angel.

One moment he's fleeing Heaven; the next, he's waking up stark naked in Manhattan. In the middle of a war. Called there by a woman who's desperately afraid of the dark.

It gathers around Annabella as she performs, filled with fantastic images of another world, bringing both a golden hero and a nightmare lover.

He pursues her relentlessly, twisting her desires even as she gives herself to the man she loves. Because each of us has a wild side, and Annabella is about to unleash the beast.

Thoughts: Custo Santovari endured torture and then death to keep his best friend Adam safe. But he never excepted to land in heaven and become an angel. He decides fleeing heaven is his best course of action, because Adam is still in danger. But when doing so -- he ends up crossing paths with ballerina, Annabella and he's captivated by her. Even though danger is at their heals there is no turning back for either of them. Their desire for each other is too strong to stay apart.

This second installment of the Shadow series is dark and brilliant. I was so glad to see Custo get his own book. His time in Shadow Bound was too short. This story is much more magical - new creatures emerge... mermaids and shape-shifters. Shadow Fall is a magical tale filled with action, danger and wonderful romance. Ms. Kellison writes at a pace that delights the senses. I really enjoyed this installment, I loved the dark fantasy feel to it. If you haven't check this series out yet, I highly recommend you do.

Score: 4 stars

Author Website:

Shadow series:
Shadow Bound
Shadow Fall


  1. Glad to hear that book 2 is great too, only one thing to do then, put book 1 on that wishlist

  2. Can't wait to read this one!!!

  3. You just won an award. Please come by my blog to claim it.

  4. I've seen this book around... It looks great!

    Great review =))

  5. Great review! I now have them on my TBR pile. Can't wait to read it!

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