Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 - Reading List

Ghost Town- Rachel Caine [3 Stars]
Flesh and Fire- Laura Anne Gilman [3 Stars]
Palace of the Damned- Darren Shan [4 Stars]
How To Worship A Goddess- Stephanie Julian [5 Stars]
The Guardian- Sherrilyn Kenyon [5 Stars]
The Hollows Insider- Kim Harrison [3 Stars]
Adam- Jacquelyn Frank [4 Stars]
Dirty Blood- Heather Hildenbrand [3 Stars]
Sacrifice- Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz [3 Stars]
Beautiful Chaos- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl [5 Stars]
Bleeding Hearts- Alyxandra Harvey [4 Stars]
The Calling- Ashley Lynn Willis [5 Stars]
Bite Club- Rachel Caine [3 Stars]
Bound In Darkness- Cynthia Eden [3 Stars]
Always A Witch- Carolyn MacCullough [3 Stars]
Passion- Lauren Kate [3 Stars]
First Kill- Heather Brewer [3 Stars]
The Pendulum- Anne Elizabeth [3 Stars]
At The King's Pleasure- Kate Emerson [4 Stars]

Upcoming Events:
  • Guest Blog with Stephanie Julian
  • Holiday Giveaway
  • Interview & Giveaway with Ashley Lynn Willis


  1. Awesome to see you loved Beautiful Chaos. I read the first in that series in 2010 and loved it, but haven't been compelled to pick up the next two. I don't know why. :(



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