Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 - Reading List

Grimm, Issue #1- Greenwalt | Malaga | Ross [4/5]
Black Heart- Holly Black [4/5]
Angel Vol. 5: Aftermath- (GN) Various Authors [3/5]
Star Trek Into the Darkness- Alan Dean Foster [4/5]
Immortal Ever After- Lynsay Sands [4/5]
Impulse- Moira Rogers [3/5]
Fall of Sky City- S.M. Blooding [3/5]
BTVS: Season 9, Vol. 2: On Your Own- (GN) Various Authors [4/5]
The Keep- Veronica Wolff [4/5]
City of Lost Souls- Cassandra Clare [3/5]
Viral Nation- Shaunta Grimes [5/5]
Until Fountain Bridge- Samantha Young [4/5]
Endure- Carrie Jones [3/5]
Eighth Grade Bites (GN)- Heather Brewer, Tony Lee & Julie Laud [3/5]
A Time of Dying- Hailey Edwards [4/5]
Back and Deader Than Ever- Lisi Harrison [3/5]

June was a good month. My favorite book I read this month was Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes. Can't wait for book to.  July is usually vacation time for me, and my reading suffers. But I'll be doing day trips in-state so I'm hoping I'll get a good number of books read.  Happy Reading!!

Upcoming Events in July
  • Interview with Shaunta Grimes
  • Guest Blog with Sherry Soule
  • Interview & Giveaway with Shona Husk
  • Guest Blog & Giveaway with Ashley Robertson
  • Giveaway/Promo: Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe
  • Guest Blog & Giveaway with Hailey Edwards

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  1. Awesome list of books there!!
    Happy July reading!



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