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Acosta, Marta- Dark Companion
Acosta, Marta- Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Acosta, Marta- Haunted Honeymoon
Adornetto, Alexandra- Halo
Adrian, Lara- Edge of Dawn
Aguirre, Ann- Enclave
Ahdieh, Renee- Fanfare
Amber, Elizabeth- Nicholas
Andrews, Ilona- Magic Strikes
Ann, Brooklyn- Bite Me, Your Grace
Anthology- Songs of Love & Death
Anthology- Those Who Fight Monsters
Anthology- Urban Enemies
Arden, Alys- Casquette Girls, The
Arden, Alys- Romeo Catchers, The
Armstrong, Kelley- Thirteen
Armstrong, K.L. & Marr, M.A.- Loki's Wolves
Aronica, Lou- Blue
Arthur, Keri- Bound to Shadows
Arthur, Keri- Moon Sworn
Ashley, Amanda- Dead Perfect
Ashley, Jennifer- Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The

Barnes, Margaret Campbell- Passionate Brood, The
Barry, Brunonia- Lace Reader, The
Blacio, Trinity- Running In Fear: Escaped
Black, Jenna- Dark Descendant
Black, Jenna- Deadly Descendant
Black, Jenna- Glimmerglass
Black, Jenna- Rogue Descendant
Blaize, Tarra- Break
Blake, Kendare- Anna Dressed In Blood
Blankenship, Amy & Melton, R.K.- A Light In The Heart Of Darkness
Blankenship, Amy & Melton, R.K.- Moon Dance
Blankenship, Amy- Raging Hearts
Blooding, S.M.- Fall of Sky City
Brackston, Paula- Silver Witch, The
Brackston, Paula- Winter Witch, The
Bradshaw, Gillian- Hawk of May
Brady, Kira- Hearts of Chaos
Brady, Kira- Hearts of Darkness
Brady, Kira- Hearts of Shadow
Brashares, Ann- My Name Is Memory
Brennan, Allison- Carnal Sin
Brennan, Allison- Original Sin
Brooks, Cheryl- Fugitive
Brown, Anne Greenwood- Lies Beneath
Burns, Laura J. & Metz, Melinda- Sacrifice
Burrowes, Grace- Captive, The
Burrowes, Grace- Lady Eve's Indiscretion
Burrowes, Grace- Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait
Burrowes, Grace- Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight
Burrowes, Grace- Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal
Burrowes, Grace- Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish
Burrowes, Grace- Virtuoso, The

Carrington, Rachel- First Spell, The
Carrington, Rachel- Vampire Betrayed
Cashore, Kristin- Bitterblue
Cashore, Kristin- Fire
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Destined
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Dragon's Oath
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Hidden
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- House of Night, Issue #1
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Kalona's Fall
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Lenobia's Vow
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Neferet's Curse
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Redeemed
Cast, P.C. & Kristin- Revealed
Chase, Ashlyn- Flirting Under A Full Moon
Chase, Ashlyn- Strange Neighbors
Chong, Stephanie- Where Demons Fear To Tread
Clare, Cassandra- City of Heavenly Fire
Clenney, Anita- Awaken the Highland Warrior
Cole, Kresley- Blood Red Kiss
Cole, Kresley- Dark Skye
Cole, Kresley- Endless Knight
Cole, Kresley- Kiss Of A Demon King
Cole, Kresley- Poison Princess
Cole, Kresley- Shadow's Claim
Cole, Kresley- Sweet Ruin
Coopersmith, Grace- Nancy's Theory of Style
Cornwall, Emma- Incarnation
Crane, Carolyn- Mind Games
Cready, Gwyn- Flirting with Forever
Cremer, Andrea- Bloodrose
Cremer, Andrea- Nightshade
Crompton, Anne Eliot- Percival's Angel
Culbertson, Kim- Instructions For A Broken Heart
Culbertson, Kim- Songs For A Teenage Nomad
Cummings, Amy- Bound By Fate
Cummings, Amy- Bound By Magic
Cummings, Amanda- Spirits Unveiled
Currie, Cherie- Neon Angel

D'Angelo, Cherish- Lancelot's Lady
Dare, Lydia- A Certain Wolfish Charm
Dare, Lydia- In the Heat of the Bite
Dare, Lydia- It Happened One Bite
Dare, Lydia- Never Been Bit
Dare, Lydia- Tall, Dark, and Wolfish
Dare, Lydia- Taming of the Wolf, The
Dare, Lydia- Wolf Next Door, The
Dare, Lydia- Wolf Who Loved Me, The
Dare, Lydia- Wolfishly Yours
Dashner, James- Kill Order, The
Davidson, MaryJanice- Undead and Undermined
Davies, Victoria- Deals with Demons
De Candido, Keith R.A.- Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon
De La Cruz, Melissa- Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel
De La Cruz, Melissa- Witches of East End
Devine, Thea- Darkest Heart, The
Douglas, Kate- Demonfire
Draven, Stephanie- Poisoned Kisses
Draven, Stephanie- Siren Song
Dray, Stephanie- Song of the Nile
Dunkle, Clare B.- By These Ten Bones
Duran, Meredith- Wicked Becomes You

Edwards, Hailey- A Breath of Winter
Edwards, Hailey- A Cast of Shadows
Edwards, Hailey- A Feast of Souls
Edwards, Hailey- A Heart of Ice
Edwards, Hailey- A Hint of Frost
Edwards, Hailey- A Kiss of Venom
Edwards, Hailey- A Time of Dying
Edwards, Hailey- A Veil of Secrets
Edwards, Hailey- Dog with a Bone
Edwards, Hailey- Everlong
Edwards, Hailey- Evermine
Edwards, Hailey- Eversworn
Edwards, Hailey- Soul Weaver
Egan, Alexa- Demon's Curse
Elliott, Cara- Too Wicked To Wed
Ellis, Helen- Turning, The: What Curiosity Kills
Ellis, Leanna- Plain Fear: Forsaken
Emerson, Kate- At the King's Pleasure
Emerson, Kate- Between Two Queens
Emerson, Kate- By Royal Decree
Emerson, Kate- King's Damsel, The
Espino, Stacey- Fearless Desire
Evans, Annaliese- Night's Rose

Falkner, Tammy- A Lady and Her Magic
Fantaskey, Beth- Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
Feehan, Christine- Dark Lycan
Fennell, Judi- Catch of a Lifetime
Fennell, Judi- I Dream of Genies
Fennell, Judi- In Over Her Head
Fennell, Judi- Wild Blue Under
Ficklin, Sherry D.- Foresight
Field, David- Fairest Star, The
Fitzpatrick, Becca- Crescendo
Flynn, Gillian- Dark Places
Ford, Madelyn- My Avenging Angel
Forester, Amanda- Highlander's Sword, The
Forman, Gayle- Forester, Amanda- If I Stay
Forman, Gayle- Forester, Amanda- Where She Went
Foster, Alan Dean- Star Trek Into Darkness
Frank, Jacquelyn- Adam
Friedman, Hannah- Everything Sucks
Frost, Jeaniene- First Drop of Crimson
Frost, Jeaniene- Halfway To The Grave

Gabaldon, Diana- Outlander
Galaxy, Jackson- Cat Daddy
Galenorn, Yasmine- Darkling
Geissinger, J.T.- Edge of Oblivion
Gilman, Laura Anne- Flesh and Fire
Gleason, Colleen- Chess Queen Enigma, The
Gleason, Colleen- Clockwork Scarab, The
Gleason, Colleen- Spiritglass Charade, The
Graham, Heather- Phantom Evil
Graham, Heather- Uninvited, The
Grange, Amanda- Mr. Darcy's Diary
Grange, Amanda- Mr. Darcy, Vampyre
Grange, Amanda & Webb, Jacqueline- Pride & Pyramids
Grant, KT- Christmas Fantasy, The
Grant, KT- For the Love of Mollie
Grant, KT- Lovestruck
Gray, Claudia- Fateful
Gray, Claudia- Star Wars: Lost Stars
Green, John- Fault In Our Stars, The
Gregory, Philippa- Stormbringers
Grey, Amelia- A Marquis To Marry
Grey, Amelia- An Earl to Enchant
Griffin, Adele & Brown, Lisa- Picture The Dead
Grimes, Linda- In a Fix
Grimes, Shaunta- Viral Nation

Handeland, Lori- Any Given Doomsday
Harper, Dani- Changeling Moon
Harper, Molly- How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf
Harper, Molly- Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses, A
Harris, Charlaine & Golden, Christopher- Cemetery Girl, Book 1: The Pretenders
Harris, Charlaine- Day Shift
Harris, Charlaine- Midnight Crossroads
Harrison, Kim- Drafter, The
Harrison, Kim- Pale Demon
Harrison, Kim- Waylaid
Harrison, Kim- White Witch, Black Curse
Hart, Megan- Dirty
Hart, Megan- Pleasure and Purpose
Harvey, Alexandra- Out For Blood
Hastings, Regan- Visions of Magic
Hastings, Regan- Visions of Skyfire
Hawkins, Alexandra- All Night with a Rogue
Hawkins, Paula- The Girl on the Train
Hawkins, Rachel- Hex Hall
Henry, Mark- Beach Blanket Bloodbath
Henry, Mark- Happy Hour Of The Damned
Hearne, Kevin- Hounded
Heyer, Georgette- Grand Sophy, The
Hieber, Leanna Renee- Darker Still
Hieber, Leanna Renee- Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker, The
Hieber, Leanna Renee- Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess, The
Hieber, Leanna Renee- Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, The
Hilaire, Tes- Deliver Me From Darkness
Hilburn, Lynda- Vampire Shrink, The
Hildenbrand, Heather- Dirty Blood
Hoban, Julia- Willow
Hogan, Tamara- Taste Me
Howard, Linda & Jones, Linda- Blood Born
Howe, Katherine- Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, The
Howell, Hannah- If He's Sinful
Hoyt, Elizabeth- To Desire A Devil
Hughes, Alex- Clean
Hughes, Alex- Sharp
Hughes, Mary- Bite My Fire
Humphreys, Sara- Tall, Dark and Vampire
Humphreys, Sara- Unleashed
Hunter, Aline- Eternity and a Day
Hunter, C.C.- Born At Midnight
Husk, Shona- Goblin King, The

Ione, Larissa- Blood Red Kiss
Ione, Larissa- Bound By Night
Ione, Larissa- Chained By Night
Ione, Larissa- Ecstasy Unveiled
Ione, Larissa- Pleasure Unbound
Ione, Larissa- Sin Undone
Irwin, Margaret- Young Bess

James, E.L.- Fifty Shades of Grey
James, Judith- Broken Wing
James, Judith- Highland Rebel
Jones, Carrie- Need
Jones, Lisa Renee- Legend of Michael, The
Julian, Stephanie- Edge of Moonlight
Julian, Stephanie- Goddess in the Middle
Julian, Stephanie- How To Worship A Goddess
Julian, Stephanie- Kiss of Moonlight
Julian, Stephanie- Moonlight Ménage
Julian, Stephanie- Moonlight Temptation
Julian, Stephanie- Size Matters
Julian, Stephanie- Seduced By Magic
Julian, Stephanie- Spell Bound
Julian, Stephanie- What A Goddess Wants

Kace, Angeline- Descended By Blood
Kagawa, Julie- Iron King, The
Kagawa, Julie- Iron Knight, The
Kate, Lauren- Fallen
Kellison, Erin- Fire Kissed
Kellison, Erin- Shadow Bound
Kellison, Erin- Shadow Fall
Kellison, Erin- Shadowman
Kellison, Erin- Shadow Touch
Kellison, Erin- Soul Kissed
Kean, Catherine- A Knight's Temptation
Kearney, Susan- Lucan
Kennedy, Kathryne- Fire Lord's Lover, The
Kennedy, Kathryne- My Unfair Lady
Kennedy, Kris- Defiant
Kent, Kathleen- Heretic's Daughter, The
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Acheron
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Born of Defiance
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Born of Fury
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Born of Ice
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Born of Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Born of Vengeance
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Cloak & Silence
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Dark Bites
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Infamous
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Inferno
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Infinity
Kenyon- Sherrilyn- No Mercy
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- One Silent Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Retribution
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Son of No One
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Styxx
Kenyon, Sherrilyn- Time Untime
Kery, Beth- Silken Rapture
Keyes, Pamela- Jumbee, The
King, Tom- A Once Crowded Sky
King, Stephen- A Good Marriage
King, Stephen- Doctor Sleep
Kinna, Emma- A House Afire
Kittredge, Caitlin- Street Magic
Kleypas, Lisa- Dreaming Of You
Kleypas, Lisa- Wallflower Series, The
Kloester, Jennifer- Georgette Heyer's Regency World
Kulig, Kathy- Damned and Desired
Kulig, Kathy- Dragon Witch
Kwok, Jean- Girl In Translation

Lathan, Sharon- My Dearest Mr. Darcy
Link, Kelly- Pretty Monsters
Lyon, Jennifer- Soul Magic

Maas, Sarah J.- Throne of Glass
MacColl, Michaela- Secrets in the Snow
Maclaine, Jenna- Grave Sins
Maclaine, Jenna- Wages of Sin
Madison, Tracy- A Breath of Magic
Madison, Tracy- A Stroke of Magic
Madison- Tracy- A Taste of Magic
Maizel, Rebecca- Infinite Days
Marks, Daniel- Velveteen
Marsh, Anne- Bond With Me
Marsh, Anne- Burning Up
Marsh, Anne- His Dark Bond
Marsh, Anne- Savage Bond
Martin, George R.R.- A Game of Thrones
Mazetti, Katarina- Benny & Shrimp
McGary, Loucinda- Wild Irish Sea, The
McMaster, Bec- Kiss of Steel
Mead, Richelle- Bloodlines
Mead, Richelle- Last Sacrifice
Mead, Richelle- Storm Born, Issue #1
Mead, Richelle- Storm Born, Issue #2
Mead, Richelle- Storm Born, Issue #3
Mead, Richelle- Storm Born, Issue #4
Melton, Keith- Blood Vice
Melton, Keith- Dark Ride Dogs
Melton, Keith- Ghost Soldiers
Melton, Keith- Red Dogs
Melton, Keith- Run, Wolf
Melton, Keith- Zero Dog War, The
Moore, Coral- Broods of Fenrir
Moran, Michelle- Madame Tussaud
Moran, Michelle- Nefertiti
Moran, Michelle- Second Empress, The
Morgenstern, Erin- Night Circus, The
Munro, Shelley- Leticia's Lovers
Mupetson, Kay- Penguin Luck
Murphy, David P.- Zombies for Zombies
Myhre, Lise- Nemi Vol. III

Naughton, Elisabeth- Entwined
Neill, Chloe- Firespell
Noël, Alyson- Dreamland
Noël, Alyson- Everlasting
Noël, Alyson- Radiance
Noël, Alyson- Shimmer

Owens, Robin D.- Ghost Killer

Pape, Cindy Spencer- Motor City Fae
Pape, Cindy Spencer- Motor City Witch
Paschen, Elise- Poetry Speaks: Who I Am
Petrucha, Stefan- Blood Prophecy
Philip, Gillian- Bloodstone
Philip, Gillian- Firebrand
Phoenix, Adrian- A Rush Of Wings
Phoenix, Adrian- In The Blood
Price, Stella & Audra- Silk and Steel
Price, Stella & Audra- Sugar and Sin

Quinn, Julia- Because of Miss Bridgerton
Ramsey, Sara- Scotsmen Prefer Blondes
Renae, Cameo- ARV-3
Rice, Anne & Witter, Ashley Marie- Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story
Rice, Christopher- The Heavens Rise
Richland, Anna- First to Burn
Richland, Anna- His Road Home
Richland, Anna- Second Lie, The
Roberts, Nora- Inn Boonsboro Trilogy
Robertson, Ashley- Crimson Flames
Robertson, Ashley- Crimson Groves
Robertson, Ashley- Death Dealer
Robertson, Ashley- UnGuarded
Robertson, Linda- Arcane Circle
Robertson, Linda- Persephone Alcmedi Series, Book 1-3
Robertson, Linda- Wicked Circle
Robuck, Erika- Receive Me Falling
Ryan, Amy Kathleen- Glow

Saare, J.A.- A Kiss Before Dying
Saare, J.A.- Crimson Moon
Saare, J.A.- Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between
Saare, J.A.- Renfield Syndrome, The
Saare, J.A.- Soft As Moonlight
Sanderson, Brandon- Warbreaker
Scalora, Suza- Evidence of Angels
Schultz, Jamie- Premonitions
Showalter, Gena- Blood Red Kiss
Showalter, Gena- Darkest Whisper, The
Showalter, Gena & Mornoe, Jill- Dating the Undead
Showalter, Gena- Ecstasy In Darkness
Showalter, Gena- Intertwined
Showalter, Gena- Seduce the Darkness
Sims, Jessica- Beauty Dates the Beast
Sims, Jessica- Between a Vamp and a Hard Place
Sims, Jessica- Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter
Sims, Jessica- Must Love Fangs
Sims, Jessica- Wanted: Wild Thing
Sinclair, Linnea- Finders Keepers
Smith, Kathryn- Night After Night
Smith-Ready, Jeri- Bad to the Bone
Smith-Ready, Jeri- Eyes Of Crow
Smith Ready, Jeri- Wicked Game
Snyder, Maria V.- Poison Study
Sparks, Kerrelyn- All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire
Spear, Terry- A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing
Spear, Terry- A SEAL Wolf Christmas
Spear, Terry- Heart of the Highland Wolf
Spear, Terry- Howl for a Highlander, A
Spear, Terry- Legend of the White Wolf
Spear, Terry- Savage Hunger
Spear, Terry- Seduced by the Wolf
Spear, Terry- Wolf Fever
St. Giles, Jennifer- Bride of the Wolf
St. Giles, Jennifer- Kiss of Darkness
Stiefvater, Maggie- Ballad
Stiefvater, Maggie- Raven Boys, The
Stiefvater, Maggie- Shiver

Thomas, Amy- Paris, My Sweet
Tyler, Paige- Her Lone Wolf
Tyler, Paige- Her Perfect Mate
Tyler, Paige- Her Wild Hero
Tyler, Paige- Hungry Like the Wolf

Vaughn, Carrie- Kitty in the Underground
Vaughn, Carrie- Kitty Rocks the House
Vaughn, Carrie- Kitty Steals the Show
Vega, Estevan- Arson
Vincent, Rachel- My Soul To Lose
Vincent, Rachel- My Soul To Take
Vincent, Rachel- Pride

Wang, Jack & Holman- Star Wars Epic Yarn: A New Hope
Wang, Jack & Holman- Star Wars Epic Yarn: The Empire Strikes Back
Wang, Jack & Holman- Star Wars Epic Yarn: Return of the Jedi
Ward, J.R.- Lover Avenged
Ward, J.R.-Lover Enshrined
Ward, J.R.- Lover Unleashed
Ward, Rachel- Numbers
Ward, Rachel- Numbers 2: The Chaos
Warner, Aron- Pariah, Issue #1
Warner, Aron- Pariah, Issue #2
Warner, Aron- Pariah, Issue #3
Warner, Aron- Pariah, Issue #4
Weingarten, Lynn- Wherever Nina Lies
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen- A Highlander's Temptation
Weston, Lucy- Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer, The
White, Kiersten- Paranormalcy
White, Kiersten- Supernaturally
White, Skyler- In Dreams Begin
Wilkins, Charlene- Out of Reality
Williams, Gayle Ann- Tsunami Blue
Willis, Ashley Lynn- Calling, The
Wilson, C.L.- Lord Of The Fading Lands
Wine, Mary- Highland Hellcat
Wisdom, Linda- Hex In High Heels

Zalon, Lily- Dear Mr. Potter

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